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  • To ensure the standards are applied with all relevant laws and regulations.To consume less natural resources and to use recyclable materials as much as possible.
  • To reduce garbage and waste disposal from the industrial and other production activity.
  • To consider the protection of an ecological balance when taking investment decisions.
  • To be careful and cautious in all activities that can negatively influence the environment.
  • To develop an effective environmental management system and to ensure the system is kept up to date.
  • To ensure all employees are educated and trained in the sphere of the environmental protection.
  • To recommend and suggest the suppliers and other third parties providing services for our company to follow the environmental protection standards.

Our main objective is to provide our customers with a high quality service during their holiday applying certain quality standards continuously and effectively to meet the customers’ expectations.

The following principles are applied to achieve this objective;

To protect the nature and environment,

To observe the Food Safety precautions within the entire food chain,

Legal requirements, customers’ health and safety conditions are our priorities,

To comply with the rules of hygiene,

To provide an effective and continuous training, development and education of employees.

To develop and improve in accordance with the general concepts of quality.

Despite a highly competitive environment, our priority is to create a corporate culture that is based on such concepts as quality, awareness and responsibility, so we could increase the country’s position on the global market of tourism.

Our success can definitely be guaranteed if we motivate our employees, helping them to develop an enthusiasm and desire to work.

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